The Waste We Produce

Let’s not waste time

Hello! After eleven weeks of blogging, I have finally come to the last post of the blog. Through this blogging process, I found more a lot more about the various waste issues – food waste, e-waste, food delivery, consumerism, the… Continue Reading →

Ugly foods

Hello! Quick question:     When purchasing fruits and vegetables, do you tend to go for the shiny and unblemished tomato instead of the slightly bruised one? Chances are that you will be more likely to pick the perfect looking… Continue Reading →

Can bulk stores solve the waste problem?

Hello! A few days ago, I visited Eco.Le, a bulk store located at a cosy corner in Bukit Timah Shopping Centre. Although I had not visited the store for quite some time, it still looked the same as I remembered… Continue Reading →

E-waste in Singapore

Welcome back to my blog! A comment I received about the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regarding electronic waste (e-waste) inspired me to blog about the problem of e-waste in Singapore.   E-waste situation in Singapore In Singapore, 60,000 tonnes of… Continue Reading →

Food (and trash) delivery

Hello, welcome back to my blog! Do you often order food from online food delivery platforms? A study conducted by Deliveroo this year showed that 69% of Singaporeans use food delivery platforms to order food at least once a month… Continue Reading →

Biodegradable plastics – the solution to plastic waste?

Hello! 😊 While I was researching about landfills in my previous post, I came across an article mentioning how the afterlife of biodegradable plastics is similar to conventional plastics whether they are dumped in a landfill or incinerated. This got… Continue Reading →

Dump or burn?

Hello! In the previous post, I briefly discussed how Singapore’s waste management system of incinerating waste and sending the ash to Pulau Semakau seems rather clean and effective. However, how does incineration compare with the traditional method of landfilling (dump… Continue Reading →

Trip to Pulau Semakau

Welcome back to my blog! Last Saturday, I went for a field trip with other BES students to Singapore’s offshore landfill, Pulau Semakau. As we have already learnt about the technicalities of Singapore’s waste system during the field trip, I… Continue Reading →

The reasons why

Hello! 😊   In this post, I will be delving deeper into why we produce so much waste and the reasons for our throwaway culture.   In 2018, Singapore generated 7.7 million tonnes of waste (Ng, 2019). That is an… Continue Reading →


Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Shi Ling and I am a Year 1 student pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the National University of Singapore. Some of the activities I enjoy doing include baking,… Continue Reading →

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