Assistant Professor                                                    

Department of Statistics and Data Science,
National University of Singapore

Address: Department of Statistics and Data Science
S16-6-101, Science Drive 2
National University of Singapore
Singapore 117546
Tel:          6516-3953

Research Interests:

Social network analysis; High-dimensional statistical inference; unsupervised learning; statistics in psychology.

Past Experiences


  • Tong, X., Wang, W., and Wang, Y. (2024+) Uniform error bound for PCA matrix denoising. (arXiv)
  • Hu, Y. and Wang, W. (2024) Network-Adjusted Covariates for Community Detection. To appear. Biometrika. (Journal Advanced Manuscript,arXiv) Package NAC available on CRAN.
  • Wang, W., Chen, E., and Li, H. (2023) Truncated Rank-Based Tests for Two-part Models with Excessive Zeros and Applications to Microbiome Data. (website,arXiv) Package ZIR available ( Github) Annals of Applied Statistics, 17:2, 1663-1680.
  • Hu, Y., Wang, W., and Yu, Y. (2022) Graph Matching beyond Perfectly-Overlapping Erdös–Rényi Random Graphs. (journal website) Statistics and Computing (2022) 32:19. Package GMPro available on CRAN.
  • Wang, J., Wang, W., and Li, H. (2022) Sparse Block Signal Detection and Identification for Shared Cross-Trait Association Analysis. (journal website) Annals of Applied Statistics, 16:2, 866-886.
  • Guo, Z., Wang, W., Cai, T. T. and Li, H. (2019). Optimal Estimation of Co-heritability in High-dimensional Linear Models. (website, arXiv). Journal of the American Statistical Association, 114:525, 358-369.
  • Jin, J., Ke, Z., and Wang, W. (2017). Phase Transitions for High Dimensional Clustering and Related Problems. (website, arXiv). The Annals of Statistics, 45(5), 2151-2189.
  • Jin, J., and Wang, W. (2016). Influential Features PCA for High Dimensional Clustering (with Discussion). (website, arXiv, Rejoinder). The Annals of Statistics, 44(6), 2323-2359.
  • Wang, W., Tripathy, S.J., Padmanabhan, K., Urban, N.N., and Kass, R.E. (2015). An Empirical Model for Reliable Spiking Activity. (website, pdf) Neural Computation, 27(8), 1609-1623.

Job openings:

    If you are interested in psychological statistics or social networks, please contact me.