Mapping the Southern Islands' Heritage Landscape: Integrating culture and nature in heritage conservation

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Grace Chong

The Political Detention Centre

On 24 June 1948, a week following a recent spate of violent and fatal attacks in the Federation of Malaya made by the Communist Party of Malaya (CMP), Singapore declared a state of emergency (The Singapore Free Press, 24 June… Continue Reading →

BBQ with the Islanders!

Over the 40 years after they have shifted out from the islands, these islanders still met annually to catch up with each other. In fact, we were invited to a BBQ organised by the islanders at East Coast Park on… Continue Reading →

St. John’s Island as a Quarantine Station

In 1874 (November), St John’s Island became a quarantine centre when, a year earlier, a severe cholera epidemic broke out which claimed the lives of 357 people.[1] This prompted Andrew Clarke, who was then the British Governor in Singapore, to… Continue Reading →

Interview with Mdm Lela and Mr Ajumain

Mdm Lela would struck anyone as one who loved life and never shied away from an adventure. Mdm Lela was born on Lazarus Island and her family was one of the first few to shift to Singapore. She was 10… Continue Reading →

Special Film Feature

Do you which island had been featured in a film produced by the Malay Film Production (Shaw Bros.) in 1950? Hint: The title of movie is Kembar, directed by S. Ramanathan, starring Mariam and M. Amin. Released in 1950, Kembar… Continue Reading →

Interview with Cik Akim

On the same day that we interviewed Cik Jalil we also interviewed Cik Akim. Cik Akim was born on St. John’s Island in 1951. He moved to the main island of Singapore in 1969. Cik Akim has fond memories of… Continue Reading →

Interview with Cikgu Jalil and his son D’Zul

On August 10 2018, some of us had an interview with a former islander Cik Jalil and his wife and son. Cik Jalil was born on Lazarus Island in 1943, during World War II. He left the islands in 1976…. Continue Reading →

Naming the Southern Islands

St. John’s Island and Lazarus Island are two of Singapore’s southern islands. In the past, majority of the inhabitants were Malays and it had been so until the residents of the islands moved out into the main island of Singapore…. Continue Reading →

Revisiting Singapore’s Southern Islands

By: Creighton Connolly and Sonia Lam-Knott Singapore is often understood as an island nation, giving first-time visitors to Singapore the perception that it consists of only one island. This is understandable, given that most of Singapore’s current built-up and residential… Continue Reading →

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