Wijit: Thai Art by NUS Students

This is the first time a traditional Thai art class (painting/drawing/composition/history) is being taught outside Thailand. For one week during the semester recess in 2011 and 2012, students enrolled in the Department of Southeast Asian Studies class SE3224: Thai Drawing and Painting spent hours copying and experiencing traditional Thai art in Bangkok’s finest temples. As part of their immersion into the little known world of Thai art, all students were tasked to produce an art piece as part of their final assignment for the class. The pieces displayed in this exhibition represent some of these projects. The works range from intricate gold and black lacquered-style creations to complex scenes from Buddhist literature and the Hindu epics.

Official opening by Ms Phasporn Sangasubana, Charge d’Affaires a.i., and Ms Ponpat Thitthongkham, Second Secretary of the Royal Thai Embassy, Singapore at 10am, Tuesday 7th August 2012. All are welcome.