NUS Psychology at FASS@CHS Orientation 2022

The NUS Department of Psychology warmly welcomes our incoming students in AY2022/23!

On 12 July 2022 (Tuesday), FASS@CHS Orientation 2022 was held in-person to welcome incoming freshmen. As part of the FASS Majors Showcase, NUS Psychology hosted tours of its AS5 labs and engagement sessions with faculty and students from the Department. Attendees were also invited to short lectures by A/P Stuart Derbyshire and Dr. Lee Li Neng on “Why do paper cuts hurt so much?” and “What shapes behaviour?”, respectively.

A/P Stuart Derbyshire (above) giving a talk on paper cuts and their psychological impact.


Dr. Lee Li Neng (above) giving a talk on the myriad influences on behaviour.


Discover more about the NUS Psychology programme here:

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