Brown Bag Talk by Ms. Alethea Koh on 8 May


Speaker: Ms. Alethea Koh

Title: The Effect of Awe on Negative Affect towards Lost Possessions 

Date: Friday, 8 May, 1-2pm

Venue: AS4/02-08 (Psychology Department Meeting Room)


Awe is a relatively less studied emotion and there are only a handful of studies examining its effects on people. As awe has been theoretically linked to experiences of vastness and spirituality, the present study proposes that awe helps individuals alleviate their negative affect towards possessions that are lost. The findings show that participants experiencing awe had less negative feelings after both imagined and actual loss of their possessions. The results also suggest that awe may be able to produce the same alleviating effect as happiness.  Implications of awe as an alternative means for individuals to cope with loss and other future directions will be discussed.

About the Speaker:

Alethea Koh is a Masters candidate pursuing her M.Soc.Sci at the Department of Psychology at NUS under the supervision of Dr Eddie Tong. Her interests stems from how positive emotions can be applied to help individuals strengthen their character and values. Her current research examines how awe can help individuals overcome experiences of material loss.

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