Statistical consultation for honors thesis

Dear students,

Psychology is an empirical science and statistical analysis is widely used to empirically test research hypotheses. Students doing their honours theses may sometimes struggle on how to conduct data analysis and to interpret the findings properly. To provide better support to our students, the Department of Psychology will provide statistical consultation to students preparing honours theses. The following are some guidelines:

1. This service is strictly for students doing honours theses. If you have questions in statistics for other modules, you have to consult the lecturers or teaching assistants who are teaching those modules.
2. The statistical consultants will mainly provide advice. They will not neither conduct any analysis nor write the results for you. The statistical consultants will also try their best to help you but do not expect that they have answers to everything.
3. If you need to use a computer to show the data or results, please bring your own laptops.
4. You should make an appointment at least one day before the consultation. Each session may last up to half an hour or an hour depending on the availability of the statistical consultants. Do note that not all questions have to be addressed in person. Sometimes, an email will suffice.
5. You should properly acknowledge contributions of the statistical consultants in your theses. This is a requirement listed in the APA Publication Manual.

The followings are the statistical consultants for Semester 1 until the end of the semester (11 Nov 2011). Their room number is AS4-02-07D. All consultations are strictly by appointment only.

Lee Li Neng     <>

Lim Yonghao     <>

Ranjith Vijayakumar <>

Sze Wei Ping <>


If you have questions regarding your thesis, the first thing you should do is to discuss with your supervisor. If you still have questions, you may make an appointment with one of the statistical consultants by sending the following information to one of them:

Your name:

Matriculation no.:
Preparing honours thesis: Yes/No
Questions: Briefly describe and explain your research questions and the problems you are facing
Preferred appointment time: For example, 3-4pm 3 Feb 2011(you can put down multiple timings)

If you have any questions or comments regarding the statistical consultation, feel free to email them to me at



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