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Our team has added a staple of the Role-Playing Game genre, quests! Did you forget what the pesky humans and fae wanted while you were too busy destroying the world around you? Or perhaps you were simply captivated by the shiny gold in our lair. Well, you shouldn’t have to remember it anyways, so your magic scroll will do it for you!

Nhan has done an amazing job with making the entire quest framework. Currently implemented this the tutorial, it opens up a whole new variety of options  for us to bring forth and develop the story.

But for the player who doesn’t want to be restricted by quests, the option to play your own game at your own pace is still open. The choice still lies with you.


Here is another sneak peek at one of our towns:

The Forest of Light:


Again, we can thank Leslie for the beautiful town.

Improved Combat NPCs

What could be more amazing than being able to destroy a tower? Being able to destroy an entire castle. Sharon has worked on making a castle that you can destroy bit-by-bit for more realistic combat. You could completely eradicate it, or leave it with one sole tower and the rest in ruins.


But that’s just for the human side. The fae wield magic which they will use to defend themselves, shooting beams of fire. Shaohuai has really out-done himself.

Watch this video to see what we’ve done for quests and combat:

Look forward for more updates!

Dragons, Death, Destruction

The Legends of Mors Ter Development Team

Preparing for playtesting

Today, several members of the Legends of Mors Ter development team holed up in the lab and here are some exciting developments:

Map Madness:

A sneak preview of our main level:


It’s hard to believe it was originally a badly-drawn sketch:


Our Lead Level Designer Leslie did a great job! Mors Ter demands nothing less than a beautiful world to live in and he is pleased.

That’s not all, get ready to explore the Kingdom of Thareria, the Forest of Light and your very own lair.

We use resources kindly provided by Epic Games (free for content developed in UE4) and other generous UE4 developers. 

Crazy Combat:

Look forward to open-world combat with consequences on the land. Shoot fireballs, breathe fire while getting attacked by arrows and magic! After all, what is the purpose of having a world without being able to destroy it? (The team does not recommend trying to destroy your world, unless you are a massive fire-breathing dragon)

Glorious gold:

Remember: your hoard is the most important thing in the world. The team is excited to come up with different ways for you to increase your treasure hoard. We haven’t created ways for you to use your hard-earned gold and treasure, but shiny!


Scrolls and Stories:

Meet the revered warrior Thurma and the unpredictable Pixi in Albion. Get a glimpse of their personalities and the the lore of Albion in the demo. But wait, there seems to be another character around?


Look forward to more updates and the playtesting on Monday!

Dragons, Death and Destruction

Legends of Mors Ter Development Team


Legends of Mors Ter is in development!

Group 5 from NUS’s CS3247 Game Development Project is officially developing Legends of Mors Ter for our assignment.

Legends of Mors Ter is an Open-world RPG game set in the medieval but magical world of Albion where the Humans and Fae are on the brink of war. You play as Mors Ter, one of the last dragons, awaken after a long slumber, and experience the awe-inspiring power of the ancient race of dragons. Your allegiance to either side could tip the scales in their favour; or play for your own side. Whatever the outcome, you decide the fate of the land.

Dragons, Death and Destruction,

Legends of Mors Ter Development Team


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