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Useful research impact monitors

Link to altmetric bookmarklet installation

Topic 3: Learning community V.S. Learning Network

What’s learning community?  From my understand, we are from the same PBL class, We are in the PBL learning community. How about learning Network? For me, some people from Youtube , Facebook, Twitter, are leading the learning Network professionally.


Useful Resources:

Five stage model

ABC Learning Design @ UCL

Topic 2: Open resources… what to do and where to go!

Open educational resources are discussed  for the topic 2.  We have 4 sessions for this topic since last week.

Some questions, I keep asking myself…

  • is it safe to share?
  • is it okay not to share?
  • Can my works be recognized?
  • Copyrights?
  • Use my own time to support this work?
  • Is it the right ways for me to contribute back to our sociality ?
  • Possible to meet some people who have similar interests with me on the open resources’ platform ?
  • Intention to share or not o share?
  • Am I have any support from my institution? or I can only work alone? Am I able to make it by myself?
  • Have I sufficient skills and resources to make it happened?
  •  Should I be the first person to share? When and where to share?
  • What’s the responsibility for me if shared?
  • Is it for me? or in fact, do for everyone?
  • what’re the barriers?


Here is my today’s breakfast. More than happy to share with you!


useful resources from PBL group 6

Topic 1: Reflection

In the topic 1, the case was about a tutor’s new experience with new IT world. Indeed, the story indicated some unpleasant experiences which I also encountered a little bit. Be honestly, what I learn more is not from the case. I learn more from the process of the discussion with the PBL group 6.  I am really enjoying to participate the discussion with my study friends of the PBL group 6. Our group members are so willing to share new ideas. Really COOL to learn together especially with the COVID-19 experiences. Even we are from different countries and universities. I tell myself…

Resources may be limited, but learning should not be restricted”.

No one can restrict our motivation for learning new things to make ourselves better.


After few PBL sessions to discuss on topic 1 case scenario, there are some questions which really get my attentions. I am so interested to find out more information. Look for someone who is interested to collaborate with me.

(1) Different learning styles. Will students behave differently between a traditional physical class and an online class.

(2) How to engage our students during our online classes?

(3) what can we do to motivate students’ learning during the online classes?

New tools for e-collaboration & e-learning

Recently, discovered and tired out Padlet and Mural with my  ONL 202 PBL group 6’s  classmates and friends. Feel, it is quite easy to do it with a group of people who are around the world. I will like to share these two new useful tools to my friends if you are interested to have any e-collaboration and e-discussion. Hope you will enjoy them and find out they are useful to make your work more easier.


poll everywhere



Online participation & digital literacies – Visitors & Residents

Week 1: Online participation & digital literacies – Visitors & Residents

Tried to create my own digital engaging map. The map indicates I am a heavy user on digital apps for my works. This is a very good reflection of my digital life!

Professor David White (@daveowhite, from the University of Oxford demonstrate the wonderful job on  “Visitors and Residents” on the digital life. You may check out these links for more information

It is about me…

I has been a faculty member at Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, NUS since 2009. Before joining NUS, I worked as an perioperative registered nurse in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.

I have over 20 years’ experience in clinical practice, education and research. My research is focused on nursing education, psychological well-being, psychoeducation for chronically ill patients, effective communication in healthcare, and educating patients and caregivers to promote self-efficacy and psychological wellbeing in acute and communal settings.

I teach medical-surgical nursing, effective communication and comprehensive health assessment for nursing students, and clinical procedures for medical students. I have a passion to develop sustainable assessment programs for nursing students to enhance positive learning experience and promote patient safety.


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