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C o n s u p o l l u t i o n
[kon – su – puh – lew – shun]
(n.pollution from the
active consumption of humans
of products in the economy

Welcome to our blog on Consupollution! We hope you enjoy and slowly transit to being a more mindful consumer as we go along our blog journey.


About the Authors: 

Eliza Dawn

Hello! I’m a Year 3 Geography Major with a Minor in Geosciences. I love the earth, the natural environment as well as issues dealing with sustainability and climate change. Yes… this means that I am very passionate about Environmental Pollution, specifically consumer wastes. Topics I will nerd over about would be fast fashion and single-use plastics! Get to know the mess in my brain deeper through reading our blog posts!


Jocelyn Goh 

Hello! Same as Eliza, I am a Year 3 Geography Major. With a deep interest in international affairs, I am doing a Minor in Political Science. More of a Political Geography student with an interest in climate-related issues, I have never put much thought to issues related to Environmental Pollution. GE3246 have got me thinking about how much and how serious pollution in various forms can have a huge impact, not just on the environment, but ourselves too! Through this blog, I aim to go on the journey of discovery to find out more about environmental pollution, in particular, pollution caused by our daily activity of consumption. I hope that you can join me on this journey! Together, we find out the cause and effects of pollution, but also learn how we can mitigate it.