Spatial Cognition and Interaction Design

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015, 4pm-5pm

CNM Playroom, AS6, #03-38

In this research seminar on Spatial Cognition and Interaction, Jean-Ambroise Vesac will present new perspectives on interaction design for spatial (cognition) exploration based on the examination of new media art projects involving mobility, soundscape and 3D simulation. In this talk, beyond the creative possibilities of new media, interactive communication will be considered in relation to the proprioception sense. Proprioception notion is not limited to self-body awareness, but it can be extended to “being here” experience (de Kerckhove, 1993), up to the experience of togetherness. In the meantime, the potential for mediation of new media will be exemplified. Finally, this seminar will conclude by asserting the need for a paradigm shift to embrace human and non-human agent engagement in interactive new media : machinic subjectivity.

Jean-Ambroise Vesac is a new media artist. His practice includes audio-visual performance, interactive & immersive installation and small robotic. His art work explores the boundary between mixed realities, machines and human’s empathy to built aesthetics’ experiences. Jean’s interactive installation uses body movements and gesture to engage the participant attention and as an invitation to a reflexive action, where human and non-human agency interleaves. Presently, his research-creation explores communication interaction design in the context of situated simulation. Situated simulation belong to mixed reality by “combining the real and the virtual” on a geographic situation (Gunnar Liestol, 2009). He designs and develops a mobile interactive virtual environment for create and study the experience of togetherness.

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