Welcome Students!

Welcome, class members. We are delighted and privileged to journey with you as we learn together about citizenship this Sem. You are very welcome to contact us below.

Dr Kankana & Dr Daniel

(Information below is subject to change)

Update 15 July 2016 – we have just been notified that we need to shift our Combined Sessions and have updated the below accordingly, thanks!


Class Times

Activity Time Venue Instructor Contact
Section 1 Mon 4-6 SR6 DJ


96373159 (Whatsapp)

Section 2 Tue 10-12 SR6 DJ
Section 3 Wed 4.30-6.30 SR5 KM


92344653 (Whatsapp)

Section 4 Fri 10-12 SR6 KM
Combined Session (CS) Thu 6-8 LT53 SRC Please see schedule below for when there are Combined Sessions



Wk Topic Combined Session? Assignments RRs Note
1 Course Intro

National Day: Tue 9 Aug

If you are in Section 2, please attend one of the other sections this week (Section 1 if possible, so that Dr Daniel can meet you!)

2 What is Citizenship?
3 Is Big Brother Necessary? ABC
4 Why Have Rights? DEF
5 How Unequal Should We Be?  Case Study Workshop ABC
6 (Final Project Consultation) Hari Raya Haji: Mon 12 Sept, CAPTISS: Sat 17 Sept
R RECESS Case Study Proposal due Tue 20 Sept 11.59pm
7 How to Accommodate Diversity & Minorities?  Fieldtrip Briefing DEF
8 Are Citizens’ Identities Conflicted?  (Fieldtrip on Friday) ABC Fieldtrip: Fri 7 Oct, 7-11pm (Confirmed)
9 Are Nations Irrelevant? DEF
10 Are Netizens Citizens? AB
11 Why is Occupy a Thing?  Citizenship Panel CD
12 What Happens When Rights Conflict? EF
13 Should We Be Active Citizens?   Final Quiz Final  Project due Tues 15 Nov 11.59pm



Aims & objectives

By the end of the module, you should be able to:

  • Identify key problems and questions inherent in citizenship issues today
  • Assess claims and evidence given to support positions on citizenship issues
  • Present different points of view on specific citizenship concepts and issues, in an oral presentation
  • Argue for an informed position on the case study chosen by your group, by applying course concepts
  • Reflect on how your own values, attitudes and beliefs regarding citizenship have been challenged by what you have learnt

Our ultimate aim is for a learning journey where we grow, as:

  • Informed thinking about citizenship leads to
  • Informed values and beliefs about citizenship, which in turn lead to
  • Informed choices, practices and actions as citizens

Our teaching and learning philosophy values:

  • Active engagement
  • Peer learning
  • Peer- and instructor- led feedback
  • Pre-class preparation (1-2 readings per week)
  • Please come prepared to engage. We are excited about your learning journey!


Assessment Overview

Assessment % Type Due Notes
Four Reading Responses (c. 200 words) 20% (5% each) Indiv. W3-12 You’ll sign up in W2 for when to do your RRs
Group Presentation (5 min per group member + discussion/Q&A) 20% Group W7-12 Presentations after Recess Week
Final Project Proposal Group Recess Wk
Final Project (1,500 words per group member) 30% Group Rdg Wk
Final Quiz 10% Indiv. W13
Class Participation 20% Indiv.


Please see further details here.