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Health not for granted

Hi everyone! In my last 2 posts, we’ve discussed something that addresses a part of mental health and I would like to focus on the physical health of different genders and how their relationship with the environment is affected in this post. Personally, I am privileged enough to say that I do not have to constantly…

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Our Bodies. Part 2

Hello everyone, welcome back to “Our Bodies. Part 2”! In the previous post, we discussed body dysmorphia and its relevance to our connectedness with nature. Though some people may find nature enough to help with their BDD, others may not find such solutions adequate. Instead, some prefer to help themselves by changing their physical appearance…

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Our Bodies. Part 1

All humans are different and unique in their own ways. Be it in their DNA, the way they speak, or how they look. Following the rise of social media, these differences in physical appearance between individuals become more apparent. This can lead to more comparison between one’s own body with that of others, and people…

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While my last three posts have been focusing on the relationship between feminine problems and the environment, that does not mean I’ve forgotten our masculine friends! 🙂 I believe that while masculinity can promote positive traits, it can also be easily twisted into toxic masculinity which occurs mostly in males. Toxic masculinity focuses more on…

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The voices heard

Hi everyone, I was not actually planning to do a post about this topic, but the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg inspired me to discuss gender in voice.  Hope this provokes some thought:) Voices are not just pretty sounds heard in music. They are often used for advocacy as well. While some voices are appreciated…

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The Hygiene Muck. Part 2

Hello and welcome back to the Hygiene Muck! Before I begin, let me introduce Stonks, a well-known meme who has something to say: I agree, panic indeed! Though it may not feel like an individual’s choice in menstrual products holds much weight, but when multiple individuals feel the same, their choices accumulate and create a…

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The Hygiene Muck. Part 1

Being a female is tough. PERIOD. Most females deal with the pain of menstruation each month, needing menstrual products to maintain good hygiene. Between the 4 females in my family, we spend an estimate of US$144 in total on sanitary products each year. I would be able to afford around 96 bowls of laksa with…

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3,2,1, and we’re live

Gender, a concept deeply ingrained in our society, yet one that so few of us truly understand. Recently, more work has been put into uncovering the relationship between gender and one’s personal identity, but a question that I want to explore is: “What relationship does gender have with the environment?” Before we get down to…

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