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*NEW!* 13 September 2019 Bilingualism is good for children (The Straits Times)

*NEW!* 3 September 2019 Languages heard in infancy are never really forgotten (The Straits Times)

*NEW!* 13 April 2019 Expert Series – Raising Bilingual Children: What does science say? (BYKidO)

February 2019 When we play (Episodes 3 and 5) (Channel NewsAsia documentary)

27 Feb 2018 How To Raise A Super Baby: Ep 2: How To Raise A Super Advanced Baby (Channel NewsAsia documentary)

9 Jan 2018 Commentary: What hope do monolingual parents have in raising bilingual children? (Channel NewsAsia)

17 July 2017 Bilingual kids can pick up third language ‘more easily’: Study (The Straits Times) 

17 July 2017 Bilingualism path to third language (NUS News)

7 May 2017  Raising bilingual children (Lianhe Zaobao)

16 May 2016 Bilingual babies more aware of tone changes in languages: NUS study (The Straits Times Online)

16 May 2016 Babies who are taught two languages learn words faster: Study (Today Online)

16 May 2016 Bilingual babies more aware of tone changes in languages: NUS study (Channel NewsAsia, with video)

17 May 2016 今日关键词:学习双语不干扰 (Lianhe Zaobao Online with video)

16 May 2016 双语环境成长的婴孩对声调变化更敏感 有助于学习华文 (Lianhe Zaobao Online)

16 May 2016 国大心理学系研究显示 在双语环境下婴儿一岁就能辨识不同发音 (Channel 8 News with video)

16 May 2016 Bilingual babies learn languages faster than monolingual babies (Science Daily)

5 Sep 2014 Bilingual babies benefit from learning faster  (The Independent)

2 Sep 2014 Early bilingual advantage found at 6 months of age  (Channel NewsAsia)

2 Sep 2014 Bilingually exposed babies show better memory and learning at 6 months (The Straits Times)

31 Jul 2014 Start language learning from the cradle (NUS homepage, translated text from Lianhe Zaobao)