Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing Asia was created as the Asian venue for presenting and discussing research on interdisciplinary psycholinguistic research. It aims to bring together experimental, computational, and theoretical perspectives on the cognitive architectures and mechanisms that underlie any aspect of human language processing.
The first AMLaP Asia conference was held in 2018 at the University of Hyderabad. The second AMLaP Asia conference was held in 2023 at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


This year’s AMLaP Asia will be held IN PERSON,

 on December 5th – 7th, 2024,

organised by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, 
National University of Singapore.




Abstract Submission Deadline: Jun 1st at 23:59 SGT (UTC+8)

Acceptance Notification: Sept 1st


Early Registration Deadline: Oct 1st

Late Registration Deadline: Nov 15th


Current Time



Submission guidelines

  Please upload a PDF copy of your abstract, adhering to the following formatting guidelines:
  – Any potentially identifying information should be omitted.
  – Abstracts should be typeset to A4 size, 1.5 line spacing with 2.5cm margins in 11pt Arial font.
  – A full line should be inserted between the title and the body of the text.
  – Page numbers should be omitted.
  – Authors are permitted one full A4 page of text, with a second page for supplemental example sentences, figures, and references. If reporting on a language other than English, a third page with glosses or additional information about the language of study may be included.


Submissions on the following topics (but not limited to) are encouraged!


Acceptability/grammaticality judgment, Acquisition, Bilingualism, Computational modeling, Corpus studies, Data mining, Dialogue, Discourse comprehension, Disfluencies/speech errors, EEG, Eye movement, fMRI, fNIRS, Gesture, Individual differences, Language and cognition, Language and the brain, Language disorder, Language learning, Mental lexicon, PET, Pragmatic processing, Reaction times, Semantic processing, Sentence comprehension, Sentence production, Sign language, Speech production, Speech recognition, Syntactic processing, tDCS

Abstract submissions are now closed.


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Prof. Sachiko Kinoshita

School of Psychological Sciences, Macquarie University

Prof. Bob McMurray

Psychological and Brain Sciences, University of Iowa

Prof. Suzy Styles

School of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

Prof. Debra Titone

Department of Psychology, McGill University

Prof. Ming Xiang

Department of Linguistics, University of Chicago