Student Showcase: Project Willing Hearts- What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

We are often caught up in pursuits that we believe are significant- whether they are earning more money to secure a better life, or striving for success in our schools and offices. We’re told that success is everything. That what we leave behind defines who we are. At Project #IAmWilling, CNM students Yu Ru, Valerie Goh, Cindy Teo, Jeong Soo, Yanru, Nicole Lim and Lee Yin pose this question: What Is Your Legacy?

What if our legacy was built on the impact that we make on other people’s lives? Perhaps what is most important is not how many mentions we receive in the newspaper, or the amount of money in our bank accounts. Perhaps, what will last for a lifetime is the difference we make in our society. Perhaps it is giving someone a reason to smile, or providing food for people who struggle with putting the next meal on the table.

Willing Hearts is a soup kitchen in Singapore that prepares, cooks, and deliver meals to over 5,000 Singaporeans who fall through the cracks. These are the people we might meet on the train, or on the streets but pass by without a thought. These are the people we don’t see, the people we choose not to see.

The project believes that by plugging into the work that Willing Hearts is involved in, Singapore’s youths can begin to see the needs that are so prevalent yet invisible in the Singapore community. It aims to inspire a spirit of care in youths, through social media (@ProjectIAmWilling). By demonstrating that volunteer work is relevant- even in today’s age- the project wants youths to know that no matter how small they think their actions are, they can, and will be able to make an impact – on their family, the people around them, and the people who need it most.

This is part of the SocialMedia+SocialGood+SocialChange series, where students from the Social Media module (NM4881A) facilitated by NUS’ Department of Communications and New Media (CNM) were tasked with developing creative, compelling and socially-conscious campaigns. We charts the extraordinary journeys of six groups who share a common dream for social good and social change.