Visiting Researcher Feature: Anna Przybylska

We’d like to welcome Anna Przybylska, Assistant Professor and Head of the Center for Deliberation at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw. She is a visiting researcher in the Department of Communications and New Media under the Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship [IMMF] Scheme from 5 to 19 June 2017. Having studied social sciences with the scope of sociology and social policy at the University of Warsaw and of media and communication at the University of Amsterdam, her academic interests include:

  • the communication in decision-making
  • the methodology of public consultations
  • the deliberation in applied projects
  • the ICT supported deliberation and public consultations

Besides co-editing with Stephen Coleman and Yves Sintomer a book Deliberation and Democracy: Innovative Processes and Institutions, Anna is also the manager of the applied project New perspectives for dialogue: the model of deliberation and ICT for the social inclusion in decision-making (2014-2017).