NM2010: Principles of Fun. – New module? Nah… (I wish :D)

This was the theme of this year’s CNM Freshmen Social Camp held from 11th to 14th July. Led by the CNM society, fun and interesting activities were planned to get freshmen acquainted with the Communications and New Media (CNM) programme and usher them into the exciting university life.

The module-themed camp was carefully crafted by the planning committee for participating freshmen to understand the NUS modular system. The CNM Society Exco members, orientation team leaders and seniors who facilitated the camp played the roles of ‘Professors’, ‘Teaching assistants’ and ‘Seniors’. To take things one step further, even the camp activities were called as “Assignments” and contributed towards their group’s “CAP”. The much coveted “S/U option” cards were also given out for outstanding performance!

Furthermore, much of the unique and original programme revolved around the different aspects of CNM. There was the mini PR competition, Twitter challenge, digital logo design and photo hunt. To top things off, our distinguished guest, Mr Baey Yam Keng, Accounts Director (Hill & Knowlton); CNM Head Dr Millie and Tutor Chris shared their insights about PR and the programme on the whole while seniors shared their work and student exchange experiences.


But of course the camp was not all about CNM!

The groups had their fair share of fun in the sun during the awesome mass games at the Sports and Recreation Centre (SRC) and tasted the delicious food around school recommended by seniors during the “Scrabble-style” food hunt.

Outdoor Games at SRC

Indeed all good things must come to an end, but not before enjoying a nice evening of BBQ and interaction with some graduated seniors and teaching staff.

The night concluded with a graduation ceremony, congratulating all freshmen for completing their “first module in NUS”. Each received a parting souvenir – a mini hand-made grad mortar, while groups were presented prizes according to their final “CAP”.


All in all, it was not about the “CAP” as good times were had and friendships were forged (even some knowledge was gained!). These fond memories shared by everyone will be sure to follow us throughout university and beyond.

Average grade (NM2010): A

Group Photo


Yin Yue
Publicity Director, 6th Exco
CNM Society