CNM Dialogues In Comms- The Role of Culture and Message Design in the Context of Family Health History Communication

Assistant Professor Soo Jung Hong will facilitate a discussion on:

The Role of Culture and Message Design in the Context of Family Health History Communication

Knowing about familial disease risk is essential for accurate risk assessment, the effective prevention of disease, and the reduction of disease risks. Communicating family history can be affected by regulatory barriers that lead individuals to resist sharing this information. In my research presentation, I will talk about the role of culture and designing cultural narrative evidence within the context of family health history (FHH) communication. After introducing the context of research briefly, my presentation will first cover the overarching theoretical perspectives that guide the method and result sections of this study. This section includes socio-cultural influences on FHH communication, and theoretical foundations for designing and testing cultural narrative messages. Then, I will briefly present research procedures that include the three phases of a formative research, a pilot study, and a randomized trial. The results of this presentation will answer three research questions regarding 1) The influences of socio-cultural norms and family/privacy boundaries on FHH communication; 2) The influences of spiritual and religious tendencies and genetic determinism on FHH communication, and 3) The differences in the processing of cultural narrative evidence about FHH communication across cultures and message conditions. Finally, my talk will briefly cover my current and future research regarding genetic and cancer risk communication and culture.

DATE: Thursday, 9 Nov 2017
TIME: 4:00 PM
VENUE: Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Block AS6, #03-33, CNM Meeting Room

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