A Double Surprise!

CNM threw a thank-you party for Assoc Prof Millie Rivera for her dedicated service over two terms as CNM Head. Her successor, Prof Mohan Dutta was in turn surprised by a welcome-cum-tenure celebration.

CNM staff had a rollicking time hosting both profs who sent out separate but similar emails within the hour, each thinking they were organising a surprise party for the other.

The event started with buffet lunch attended by faculty, grad students and alumni. The guests were entertained by a video tribute put together by Dr Millie’s former students. CNM alumni also penned down their gratitude to Dr Millie in a scrapbook. Overwhelmed by the gesture of appreciation, Dr Millie declared that CNM would always hold a special place in her heart.

The party upped its ante when Assoc Prof Lonce Wyse presented the new CNM head, Prof Mohan with a Super Mario outfit, complete with a potted plant to signify power, to commemorate Prof Mohan’s arrival and tenure.

More significantly, the double celebration spoke of the common vision of both professors in bringing CNM to greater heights.

The CNM family with Dr Millie as Harry Potter and Prof Mohan as Super Mario

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