Graduate student Wang Rong receives internship award with IDRC

CNM graduate student Wang Rong has been granted an internship award at the Information and Communications Technologies for Development (ICT4D) programming unit within the International Development Research Centre. IDRC is a Canadian Crown corporation that works closely with researchers to build healthier, more equitable and prosperous societies in developing regions.

Rong’s accepted proposal is titled “Information and Communications Technologies-Mediated Environmental Movements in Rural China: Reconstructing the Power Relationship between the State and Society.” This project will adopt a network perspective to identify how rural participants are aware of ICTs’ role as a potential tool for organising social movements, how they adopt ICTs for environmental movements, and what concerns rural activists have about ICTs. It will also examine how the local and central governments respond to these environmental movements. Finally, this study will explore whether such ICTs-mediated environmental collective action can be considered as a type of civic engagement that could reconstruct the power relationship between the state and society, and how it can be enhanced so it can more effectively contribute to China’s democratisation process.

We wish her the very best!

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