NM4210 User Experience Design Poster Session 2010

The annual User Experience Design Poster Session is taking place on Friday 12th November 2010 at Seminar Room 3, Level 7 ADM Building, NUS.

Details of the course and topic this semester are as follows:

UXD2010 PosterAbout the COURSE and Projects:
User Experience Design is a growing trans-disciplinary interest for many fields, including interface and interaction design, marketing and branding. While the concept of experience design is still in flux, as a course we have approached it to mean the design of a person’s interaction with a product or interface.
The projects you will view are created to fulfill the requirements of the “Singapore Memory Project” (SMP), a national tertiary level competition held by the National Library Board. The SMP’s goal is to help collect and document personal memories and stories of Singapore. This is in contrast to national heritage or historical stories where the goal is to construct a historical, factual timeline. In these projects we are looking to collect personal anecdotal snapshots of life in Singapore. As a class we have seen this as a challenge to design user experiences that spark participation and meaningful reflection or reminiscence on the part of the participants.

Brief one-line descriptions of the projects at the session:

  1. ArmyVIBES: A community centric web-based game to record memories.
  2. Memory Lane: A musical walk down memory lane.
  3. Chalk: A smartphone app that lets you draw on walls using augmented reality.
  4. MOSAIC, My Own Singapore: An Interactive Collage: A platform which allows Singaporeans to share memories through photographs, and in the process, creating a repository of mosaics that showcase shared Singaporean memories.
  5. XAVATAR: Xavatar makes it fun and easy for you to share your favourite Singapore memories. Live.
  6. Memolicious!: A Food Associations Project – Smartphone users tag photos of food with the associations they have with it and upload them to a database for sharing.
  7. WILAS: Revealing the Singapore spirit through discovering what Singaporeans like by providing a fun and rewarding space for them to create and share this information.
  8. SOS (Sharing on Schools): A social networking site for sharing of memories and information about schools.
  9. Little Read Dot, To Share, to read and to experience reading heart-warming short stories about your whereabouts.
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