Since high school, I have been an avid tutor eager to help (fellow) students and loving to teach one on one. This is not restricted to Statistics and Mathematics. I for instance volunteered as a euphonium specialist to support primary school students at Kidznotes, a local music program for social change, during my PhD.

During my undergraduate degree at University College Roosevelt, I was a Teaching Assistant (TA) for SCI 111 Mathematical Ideas & Methods in Context, leading a weekly group session. In Fall 2016, I was head TA for STA 101 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference, a course with twelve TAs in total. I was TA for STA 601 Bayesian Methods and Modern Statistics in Fall 2017. Amongst others, I led weekly lab sessions as TA.

In Summer 2017, I had a blast teaching STA 104 Data Analysis and Statistical Inference, the first course for which I bore full responsibility as Instructor of Record. In 2019 and 2020, I taught Introduction to Data Science for three semesters, a course which I designed and introduced at Yale-NUS College.

Teaching Statement

My teaching statement is available upon request.