Sprout 2019

As I was doing my research for our Urban Ecology Group Projects, I came across an event, which I would like to share. As our projects this year focus on urban farming, I would like to spread the word about this upcoming event, known as “Sprout”

Sprout made its debut last year on 07 July as Singapore’s inaugural farmer’s market. This year, it is back again on 11 and 12 May 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre.

This event allows the public to learn more about urban farming in Singapore, and provides local farmers with a platform to showcase local produce and sustainable agricultural practices. During this event, the public will also be able to buy local produce directly from these farmers as well as learn how to farm in their own backyard (or community gardens).

This year, there are over 70 local exhibitors, such as local farmers and those specializing in urban farming. One local exhibitor for urban farming is “Comcrop Rooftop Produce” which employs the disabled and elderly for the seeding, harvesting, and packing of local produce. I would certainly support a company that not only gives such members of our society a chance at employment but also produces local produce. If you are unable to visit Comcrop Rooftop Produce during the Sprout event, fret not, as their local produce can also be found in local supermarkets such as RedMart.

Currently, Singapore imports over 90% of its food supply. That makes us very vulnerable in terms of food security, as we are very susceptible to changes in global food production and supply, especially with the threat of climate change affecting food yields worldwide. To counter this, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has recently set a target that 30% of our food supply should be produced locally by 2030. The foods targeted by SFA are locally produced fruits, vegetables, and proteins. To hit this target, there needs to be a greater awareness and support for local produce in Singapore.

Due to Singapore’s urban landscape, most members of the public are unaware that there is local farming happening right here on our tiny island. In my opinion, this event provides a wonderful opportunity for members of the public to try local produce, meet the farmers behind urban farming and learn more about urban farming in Singapore.

It is also a great initiative that can help to raise awareness about local produce, and encourage its consumption. This could, in turn, help to raise the demand and supply of local produce, and we might even be able to hit SFA’s target by 2030, but more importantly, it will also ensure Singapore’s food security in the long run.

I would encourage everyone to go, as well as spread the word about Sprout. This event happens after the exam period and admission is free! In fact, if you register to receive updates about Sprout, you have the chance to win a free goodie bag!

I hope there will more such events in the future and growing support for local produce.



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