Singapore Green Spaces For All

The Urban Doggos team proposes an environmental campaign to improve ethnocultural inclusivity in Singapore urban parks. They aim to find a balance between citizen satisfaction and ecological concerns. Please follow this link to the full research proposal and environmental campaign here.

Overview of ‘Singapore’s Green Spaces For All’ Campaign

Is Singapore a truly multiracial nation?

Studies pertaining to how different ethnicities utilize green spaces in Singapore are scarce despite these areas being known as avenues for recreation, education and nature appreciation. Even though Singapore is a multi-racial society, opportunities which increase social cohesiveness and connection with nature through the use of green spaces are likewise limited.

What did the Urban Doggos do?

A study was conducted by the Urban Doggos to determine the preference of green space structure and the favorite activities of the three main races in Singapore (Chinese, Malay, and Indian) and analyze factors that may influence these preference.

What was found?

It was found that the Chinese citizens favored manicured parks, in direct contrast with the preferences of Malays and Indians who preferred non-manicured parks. Furthermore, across all ethnicities, exercise was voted as the favorite activity in green spaces, followed by relaxation. Nature appreciation and socialization, however, differed across ethnicities.

Taking Action

To increase social cohesiveness, our team proposes a two-pronged campaign, which can be implemented through collaborations with relevant authorities. We suggest exercise-focused social activities, which will create opportunities for spontaneous interaction between different races. In addition, we suggest that green spaces be naturalized to satisfy a wider range of Singapore’s park users while simultaneously promoting the enhancement of wildlife, biodiversity and human connection with nature.

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