Is the Ocean a Bowl of Soup?

"Nature don't need people; People need Nature"



Beyond the Last Wave

I am strangely feeling waves of nostalgia as I type this. I still remember how I spent an hour battling my indecisive self to choose a template for my blog and then, boom, here we are at the last post…. Continue Reading →

Not All’s Waste

Week 11 of school has ended and it feels surreal to me that we are almost done with semester 1 of year 1. Wow. In one of my first few posts, a classmate commented and asked if anything was done… Continue Reading →


Welcome back! Wow, it’s already the eighth blog post. Time sure does fly. Today we will be exploring another fish and from the title of this post, I am pretty sure you can guess what fish it is. In Japanese… Continue Reading →

#TeamWild or #TeamFarmed

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word salmon? For decades, there have been debates on whether wild caught or farm raised salmon is better, and at least for me, that’s definitely not one… Continue Reading →

H(K)elp is on the way!

Hey all! I’m sure all of you are familiar with the mala craze and I am a huuUUUuuge fan of mala. But today we will not be talking about mala but rather one of my favourite ingredients that I would… Continue Reading →

A Fishy Debate

Welcome back! In the past few posts, we have been talking mainly about seafood obtained through fishing. However, we must not forget about aquaculture which contributes largely to meet rising demands for seafood. Mainly in response to the implications of… Continue Reading →

Sell Fish, or Selfish..?

I totally overestimated myself when I thought that waking up at 4 a.m. was no big feat. I literally had to muster all my strength and take a deep breath just to open my eyes. So what was I doing… Continue Reading →

A Fishy Mess (Part 2)

Hey everyone! Huge congratulations for surviving the first half of the semester, your one week break awaits you. Today’s post is part 2 of last week’s and we will be looking into people’s opinions about overfishing. A few days ago,… Continue Reading →

A Fishy Mess (Part 1)

Welcome back! Today, we will be diving into overfishing. I have decided to split this topic into 2 parts for easier reading (don’t we all love things short and sweet?). In the first part, which is today, we will explore… Continue Reading →

Intro: Is the Ocean a Bowl of Soup?

Hey everyone! I am Sheryl (that’s me in my favourite element), a year 1 student in Environmental Studies (NUS). Just a little more about me, I was from Ngee Ann Polytechnic where I pursued a diploma in Veterinary Bioscience and… Continue Reading →

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