I am strangely feeling waves of nostalgia as I type this. I still remember how I spent an hour battling my indecisive self to choose a template for my blog and then, boom, here we are at the last post.

“If the ocean is filled with salty water with fish swimming in it, is it then not a bowl of soup? “

Thinking of a way to summarise all the thoughts I have had during this journey is, real hard.

We started with overfishing – its current situation and the negative consequences it yields, went on to talk about the dilemmas of aquaculture and the farming of certain seafood, and then a little bit about upcycling seafood. During this journey (of the seven seas), I found myself questioning certain decisions I make in my day-to-day living and I have also started to think a little deeper about things which I often have the tendency to disregard.

If I could say, the focus of my blog isn’t to give you guys an ultimatum. Yes, highlighting and raising awareness of overfishing is one of the main focus but this blog isn’t here to tell you the ‘right’ solutions or dictate your personal decisions. The environmental crisis, which by now I am sure you know, is a complex mix of factors and issues, where everyone has differing views.

If my blog, even for a little, influenced you to contemplate or give a little more thought to the seafood you are consuming, the environmental impact and its importance to our daily living, then it has pretty much served its purpose.

We have undoubtedly seen how human activities have affected and continue to harm the environment, but not all hope is lost. We need to realise that this is our home, and that gives us plenty of responsibility and reasons to protect nature.

Photo from Pinterest. Edited by me.

Nature does not need people but people need nature and to protect nature, we need each other.