Submission Guidelines

Teaching Connections welcomes posts that are thoughtful and focused on a key aspect of the teaching and learning experience. Each blog post 

  • is kept short, i.e. between 500 and 750 words (excluding references and captions, if any) 
  • does not need to follow a prescribed structure; posts which are not text-based, e.g. video or graphics-heavy posts, are welcome 
  • could integrate text, images, and videos 
  • provides a brief description of the context, highlights one key issue, and discusses it

All posts will go through internal review before publication.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Language and tone are accessible to an intelligent lay audience 
  • Contributors must ensure permission has been sought to use  
    • selected image(s), which can be in .jpg or .png formats (resolution 72 dpi or higher) 
    • selected audio/video file(s). Audio files should be submitted in .mp3 or .wav format, and videos should be submitted in .mp4 format. 

Contributors may refer to Creative Commons to give proper attribution.

Info About Contributors

 Please include a biodata of less than 60 words, a photo, and email address.


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