CDTL Spotlight: Enhancing Classroom Discussions with Microsoft Viva Engage

CHAI Jing Wen
Department of English, Linguistics, and Theatre Studies,
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

We are pleased to feature a video segment with Jing Wen, who shares the ways in which Microsoft Viva Engage enhances classroom discussions.

Chai, J. W. (2023, October 30). Enhancing classroom discussions with Microsoft Yammer (Viva Engage). Teaching Connections.

Some of the conversation points in this segment (2 min 58sec in total) include the following:

  • Adopting the right technological tool can enhance the overall classroom learning experience (0:58).
  • Microsoft Viva Engage (also known as Microsoft Yammer) enhances classroom discussions as follows:
    • Lecturers can set up polling-on-the-go activities to gather student opinions on course-related questions (1:24)
    • Students can engage in deeper forum-style discussions (2:23)
    • Encourages student engagement and learning beyond classroom discussions (2:46)


Thank you, Jing Wen for sharing your experience of applying Viva Engage in your classroom practice!


chai jing wen profile pic

CHAI Jing Wen is a Teaching Assistant at the Department of English, Linguistics, and Theatre Studies at FASS.

Jing Wen can be reached at


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