Perspectives on Mental Wellbeing: A Conversation with Students & NUS Alumni

Tasneem Abdul Majeed, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS)
LIM Wei Jie, Class of 2017, Department of Psychology, FASS
KHOO Yi Feng, Class of 2017, Department of Southeast Asian Studies, FASS

In this episode, our guests Tasneem, Wei Jie, and Yi Feng take us through personal mental well-being stories, insights on recognising and mitigating burnout, and how students can maintain their mental well-being to have an enriched student learning experience.

Some of the conversation points in this episode include the following:

Listen to Part 1: On Personal Mental Wellbeing Journeys & Managing Emotions (30min 53sec) (transcript)


  • Introduction and our guests share their mental well-being journeys (00:52, 05:27)
  • Managing emotions amidst isolation and an “epidemic of loneliness” (20:29)


Listen to Part 2: On Recognising & Addressing Burnout (33min 40sec) (transcript)


  • On setting healthy boundaries to mitigate burnout (02:30, 07:25)
  • On recognising the signs of burnout and taking preventive steps to address it (13:47)
  • If a peer appears to be stressed or experiencing burnout: How we can help (20:35)


Listen to Part 3: Maintaining Your Mental Wellbeing: What You Can Do (6min 25sec) (transcript)


  • Wei Jie shares (01:32)
  • Yi Feng shares (03:10)
  • Tasneem shares (04:07)


This episode is chaired by Dr Lee Li Neng, Associate Director of the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL).

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tasneem Tasneem Abdul Majeed (Tas) is a Year 3 student majoring in Psychology at the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS). Tas has been actively involved in many mental wellbeing initiatives both on and beyond NUS. She is a passionate autism advocate as well as a Mental Health Ambassador for the “Beyond the Label” initiative by NCSS. She is also currently a Peer Student Supporter at NUS.
weijie LIM Wei Jie is from the Class of 2017 (Psychology/FASS). He is also the co-founder of Foreword Coffee, a social enterprise that seeks to empower persons with intellectual disabilities through training and employment in the specialty coffee industry. Wei Jie is also an alumni of the Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Centre and was awarded the NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award in November 2021.
yifeng khoo KHOO Yi Feng is from the Class of 2017 (Southeast Asian Studies/FASS) and the Graduate Class of 2020 (Social Work/FASS). Yi Feng is a social worker with Limitless, and is passionate about early intervention and prevention work in the community setting. He partners youths in raising mental health literacy, supporting peers and reducing stigma for better mental well-being with youths in Singapore.


We would like to especially thank Assoc Prof Chng Huang Hoon and the team at the Chua Thian Poh Community Leadership Centre, for their advice and invaluable assistance for this podcast episode.

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