Applying Team Teaching in the Context of an Undergraduate Environment Chemistry Course

HAN Zhe, Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science (FoS), and 
FUNG Fun Man, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science (FoS)

Han Zhe and Fun Man reflect on key lessons learnt in applying online team teaching to a course on Environmental Chemistry. They presented this teaching and learning experience as a PechaKucha during the online Higher Education Campus Conference (e-HECC) 2020.

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Han Z., & Fung F. M. (2020, Dec 8-9). Applying team teaching in the context of an undergraduate environment Chemistry course [Conference presentation]. Online Higher Education Campus Conference (e-HECC) 2020, Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning, National University of Singapore.

Team teaching is a process where two or more educators plan lessons and collaborate with each another during teaching sessions. For team teaching to work, educators should be open-minded to new teaching ideas, set common understandings, and build a strong working relationship with one another (Kaplan, 2012).

In this presentation, Han Zhe (Dept of Pharmacy) and Fun Man (Dept of Chemistry) share how they applied online team teaching in the course CM3261 “Environmental Chemistry) for a segment on Toxicology and Infectious Diseases. The presenters discuss their overall experience of applying this approach, the lessons learnt, and how these will potentially be potentially translated into the pedagogical design and implementation of future iterations of the course.


HAN Zhe, PharmD, BCPS, BCIDP is a lecturer with the Department of Pharmacy, NUS. She also maintains an active clinical practice as a Principal Clinical Pharmacist at the Ng Teng Fong General Hospital. As an educator and clinician, she believes in integrating real-world scenarios and patient cases into her teaching in the classroom and empowering her students to be active participants in their learning process.

Han Zhe can be reached at

Fun Man FUNG, PhD, devotes his time to teach learners how to learn through innovative digital technology. He researches on how gamifications and videography techniques improve learning outcomes. He is a recipient of the NUS Annual Digital Education Award (2021), NUS ATEA (2017) and D2L award Innovation in Teaching and Learning (2019) for his passionate effort in fostering technology-enhanced learning.

Fun Man can be reached at



Kaplan, M. (2012, May 10). Collaborative Team Teaching: Challenges and Rewards. Edutopia.

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