A Conversation on Effective Online Teaching with Assoc Prof Loy Hui Chieh

LOY Hui Chieh
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)

In this podcast episode, Assoc Prof Loy Hui Chieh joins us to share how he applies technology
for effective online student engagement.

Recommended Citation
Loy H. C. (2021, June 23). A conversation on effective online teaching with Assoc Prof Loy Hui Chieh (No. 4) [Audio podcast episode]. InTeaching Connections Podcasts. Centre for Development of Teaching & Learning (CDTL). https://anchor.fm/cdtl/episodes/A-Conversation-on-Effective-Online-Teaching-with-Assoc-Prof-Loy-Hui-Chieh-e12q69h


In our fourth installment of Teaching Connections Podcasts, we are pleased to have Assoc Prof Loy Hui Chieh share more about using technology to ensure his students are effectively engaged during their online sessions. During the discussion, he takes us through how he incorporates technology in the learning activities conducted during his online sessions, including the strategies and tools used. He also talks about the response he has received from students and faculty colleagues about these technology-oriented strategies, and also offers advice to those keen to incorporate technology into their online courses but are unsure where to start. These recommendations are compiled in the two tables below.


This episode is chaired by Assoc Prof Lee Kooi Cheng, Deputy Director of the Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning (CDTL).


Click on the link below to listen to the podcast.

Table 1
Key considerations when selecting technology-oriented activities and tools



  • Determine the learning outcome(s) the technology-oriented activity will achieve
  • Select the available and suitable technology-oriented tool to achieve the learning outcome(s)

  • Ensure a stable internet connection (to facilitate streaming technology for online sessions)
  • Invest in up-to-date computer and camera equipment (but need not be the most expensive)
  • Prioritise good audio over video, i.e. invest in a good microphone
  • Do research, e.g. Youtube videos on streaming video setups. You can also refer to this Google Doc for recommendations on streaming technology.


Table 2
Technology-oriented tools which can facilitate technology-oriented activities

Technology-oriented Activity

Suggested Tool(s)

Facilitate online group activities and interaction (incl. group discussions and group work)

  • Zoom Breakout Rooms (group discussions)
  • MS Teams (group discussions, share documents)
  • Slack (group discussion, share documents)

Enable students to ask/submit questions during online sessions

  • Online polls
  • Online chatbots

Record videos (for self-introductions at the start of a course)

  • Flipgrid


We hope you have enjoyed the podcast. In our next episode, we find out more about the enhanced General Education (GE) curriculum from Professor Bernard Tan. This episode will be released in July 2021.


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LOY Hui Chieh is Associate Professor at the NUS Department of Philosophy. His primary interest centers around Early Chinese Philosophy, and most of his previous and current research are done in this field, and in related researches on East Asia (e.g., history of science and technology and contemporary political ideas). Other interests include Ancient Greek Philosophy, Early Modern and Contemporary Ethics and Political Philosophy. He is currently on the editorial board for Chinese Comparative Philosophy for the journal Philosophy Compass.

Assoc Prof Loy previously contributed a Special Feature on designing effective multiple-choice questions for student engagement. He can be reached at loyhc@nus.edu.sg.


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