A Conversation with Professor Sow Chorng Haur: Engaging Students through Physics Demonstrations

SOW Chorng Haur
Department of Physics, Faculty of Sciences (FoS)

For our second Special Feature, we present a video interview with Professor Sow Chorng Haur where he shares his insights and ideas on engaging students through physics demonstrations.

Photo courtesy of the NUS Physics Society

We recently had the delightful opportunity to interview Professor Sow Chorng Haur, Head of the Department of Physics, regarding his teaching practice. Known for his engaging and interactive physics demonstrations, Professor Sow’s enthusiastic and innovative teaching methods continues to inspire many students in their study of physics. Professor Sow shares his ideas on effective use of demonstrations to aid students in understanding abstract concepts, the innovations put in place due to COVID-19 to ensure student involvement and minds-on thinking, and the importance for all physicists, aspiring or otherwise, to nurture a rigorous spirit of scientific discovery in themselves.

Click on the video below to watch the interview:

We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with Professor Sow Chorng Haur!

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This interview with Professor Sow Chorng Haur was conducted by Sarah Kiu on 07 September 2020.


Sow Chorng Haur received a B.Sc. Degree (1st Class) in Physics from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 1991. After spending two more years at NUS for research, he received a M.Sc. degree in Physics. He then went on to The University of Chicago and completed his PhD degree in 1998. During the period in 1999-2000, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Bell Laboratory, Lucent Technologies. He returned and joined the Department of Physics, NUS in 2001. He is now a Professor with the Department of Physics. He has authored and co-authored many papers in the field of nanoscience and nanomaterials.

He can be reached at physowch@nus.edu.sg.


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