A Conversation with Assoc Prof Loy Hui Chieh: Designing Effective Multiple-choice Questions

LOY Hui Chieh
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS)

In the first of our two Special Features, we present a video interview with Assoc Prof Loy Hui Chieh
where he shares his insights and ideas on designing effective multiple-choice questions for student engagement.

Photo courtesy of NUS University Scholars Programme

We recently had the delightful opportunity to interview Loy Hui Chieh, Associate Professor of Philosophy and USP Residential Fellow, regarding his teaching practice. Drawing from his years of experience teaching and coordinating the large scale Philosophy Exposure module GET1029 “Life, the University, and Everything”, A/P Loy shares his ideas on designing effective multiple-choice questions (MCQs) for student engagement, his insights on the objectives and advantages of using MCQs as an assessment mode, and his advice for faculty members who are interested to incorporate MCQs into their curriculum structure.

Click on the videos below to watch both parts of the interview:

Part 1: Why Develop MCQs?

Part 2: Strategies for Creating Effective MCQs

We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with A/Professor Loy Hui Chieh.

Our next Special Feature, in which we interview Professor Sow Chorng Haur, Head of the Department of Physics, will be released next month (Dec 2020).

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This interview with A/P Loy Hui Chieh was conducted by Sarah Kiu on 04 September 2020.


LOY Hui Chieh is Associate Professor at the NUS Department of Philosophy. His primary interest centers around Early Chinese Philosophy, and most of his previous and current research are done in this field, and in related researches on East Asia (e.g., history of science and technology and contemporary political ideas). Other interests include Ancient Greek Philosophy, Early Modern and Contemporary Ethics and Political Philosophy. He is currently on the editorial board for Chinese Comparative Philosophy for the journal Philosophy Compass.

He can be reached at loyhc@nus.edu.sg.


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