Transitioning From Face-to-face to Online Teaching and Learning During a Crisis

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science (FoS)

Yuan Yi uses an infographic to take us through his journey of making the transition from teaching face-to-face (F2F) classes to online teaching to ensure learning continuity during the COVID-19 crisis.

In this infographic, I share my reflections on my personal journey of transitioning from teaching face-to-face (F2F) classes to online teaching and learning (OTL) to ensure learning continuity for my students during the COVID-19 crisis. This includes a discussion of the perceived challenges and initial fears I had before diving 100% into OTL, followed by a paradigm shift whereupon I began to see these challenges as opportunities to grow and try/learn new things. In the infographic, I also share actionable hacks and resources for synchronous OTL which enabled me to make a relatively smooth transition to emergency remote teaching.

Moving forward, I believe that applying the blended learning approach with evidence-informed instructional design may be the future of higher education, as it gives educators an opportunity to provide a more personalised learning experience for students, allows more student-teacher and student-student interactions, and is an approach which might prove more resilient during a crisis.


CHONG Yuan Yi is a Lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, and the Staff Advisor for the NUS Chemical Sciences Society (CSS). He believes that education is, and should always be, student-centric. He has a strong interest in using student-centred experiential course design, technology-enabled active learning (TEAL), and engaging students as partners (SaP) in teaching and learning to promote student engagement and motivation in learning.

Yuan Yi can be reached at