Correlates of sedentary behaviour in Asians: systematic review


In the recent literature, sedentary behaviour has been proposed as one of the culprits of the rising burden of non-communicable disease across the globe. In high-income countries, like Singapore, where most people hold white-collar jobs being sedentary for prolonged periods is common. In light of the likely Public Health impact of ‘too much sitting’, we embarked on a project to map out the individual, interpersonal, environmental and political as well as cultural correlates of the various domains of sedentary behaviour. The review has an Asian focus as we hypothesize that the correlates are different from the ones identified in global reviews (that rarely identify studies from the Asian continent).


  • Müller AM, Chen B, Wang NX, Whitton C, Direito A, Petrunoff N, Müller‐Riemenschneider F. Correlates of sedentary behaviour in Asian adults: A systematic review. Obesity Reviews. 2020 Jan 9. doi: 10.1111/obr.12976

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Last updated May 1, 2020