Project Title: Studying health behaviours and well-being during the Student-to-Work Life Transition using mHealth


Many health-behaviors that contribute to the health of a population are shaped in early adulthood. Transitioning from student-to-work life might have a strong impact on the behavioral trajectories. Health Insights Singapore (hiSG) is a pilot longitudinal cohort study conducted by Health Promotion Board. It seeks to leverage technology (e.g. smart wearable device) to delve into the health practices and lifestyles of Singapore residents. In collaboration with HPB, we set up a dedicated cohort of NUS students 6-18 months prior to their graduation.


In this cohort, we aim to investigate body-weight, well-being and behavioural trajectories, as well as their underlying individual, social, and environmental determinants from University to early working life. This student cohort will leverage on the hiSG technology platform to collect objective and self-reported data on lifestyle, behaviours and mood over a 2-year study period.

In addition, 2 validation studies of key study outcomes (i.e. physical activity and diet) will be carried out in a sub-sample of the NUS student cohort to determine (i) the convergent validity of smartwatch measures, steps, heart rate, and sleep duration under free living conditions and (ii) the convergent validity of app-based dietary assessment.

Current progress

Recruitment commenced in October 2020 and completed in June 2022 with a total of 776 participants enrolled with additional publicity strategies. 12- and 24-month follow up visits have commenced in December 2021 and October 2022 respectively and is currently ongoing. Ecological Momentary Assessments related to diverse health behaviours and health have been created and commenced in April 2021. Additional mental health and COVID-19 related EMA surveys have been approved and commenced in  December 2022.

Tracker and diet validation studies started in April 2021 and completed in July 2022 with a total of 160 participants recruited.

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Last updated Apr 21, 2023