Post-Antibiotic World Essay Contest: Video essay

1. First prize: Riya Phillips’ team

Title: Antibiotic resistant bacteria: what are they and what do they do

Synopsis: Antibiotic resistance is the ability of bacteria to resist the effects antibiotics have on it. In this video, we will be diving into the world of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the threats it may pose if not dealt with

2. Second winner: Chin Qian Yin’s team

Title: The lactobacillus rises

Synopsis: A host’s body is infected with bacteria, the host then takes antibiotic pills which kills all bacteria that gets in their way. However, chaos arises as the three bad bacteria starts to attack the Gut-ham City. Bacman arrives in his prebiotic armour and battle with the pathogens Neisseria Joker, Pseudomonas Penguin and Clostridium Freeze, taking them down one by one with his weapons, the batarang, the bat mine and…BATZOOZA! Once again, Bacman has saved Gut-ham City.

3. Merit winner: Lim Tong Wei’s team

Title: Antibiotic resistance

4. Merit winner: Sean Leong’s team

Title: Antibiotic resistance: how it impacts us

Synopsis: On 30 September, 2017, in an alternate universe where Alexander Fleming attended his professor’s lab safety sessions and threw away his petri dish, Dr. Jacky Lexton has discovered a drug that will revolutionise the medical industry, an antibiotic, which will cure the deadly disease. However, due to lack of foresight, the widespread use of this drug and incorrect prescriptions causes the bacterial colonies to evolve and thrive, threatening our resources in our war against them…

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