Post-Antibiotic Essay Contest: Merit winner (Secondary school category)

Post-antibiotic world poem

Asher Yeo Qiheng, Dunman High School


We have been relying on them for decades,

They have been the main solution,

To kill bacteria or inhibit the growth of bacteria,

To cure the numerous diseases that we contract,

They are constantly advertised by numerous companies,

They are constantly improved upon,

To become stronger,

To reduce the time taken to cure the diseases.


In this day and age,

As medical science is constantly advancing,

The bacteria refuse to be left behind,

They are also starting to evolve at a faster rate,

To become more resistant to antibiotics,

All of a sudden,

The antibiotics which have been highly regarded for such a long period of time,

Start to become useless.

It looks like we will have to start relying on our immune systems,

Praying hard that they would be strong enough to kill the bacteria,

Recovery will most likely be more painful,

And slow.

It looks like we will have to take more measures to prevent bacterial infection,

Or strengthen our immune system.

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