Sylvia & Zipper the rescued common palm civets

Since a year ago, the civet team has already started to observe documentation of successful common palm civet rescue cases in Singapore.  The common palm civet is one of our many native wildlife and it can be found in both forested and urban environments. The life of an urban civet is however no easy feat, especially when they face threats such as being trapped. Fortunately, some of these trapped civets are given a new lease of life due to the effort of the 24-hour wildlife rescue work by ACRES and we have previously blogged about cases handled by ACRES as well. Even though this is an old post, dated back to August 2011 but it is always encouraging to see successful rescue cases.

ACRES - Rescued civet

In May 2011, Zipper, another rescued common palm civet was featured as the rescue story of the month!

Zipper the civet (ACRES)

Even though the common palm civet might be shy and secretive in nature, they can still be found in our backyards and even co-exist with us. They are one of our last wild native animals left in Singapore, so let’s treasure and appreciate them.

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