Successful civet rescue case in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

In the first week of October, we received an email from Ms Doff asking for advice on how to help an injured young civet that was found in her backyard in Kuala Lumpur. This was a rare case as most of the time we only received emails regarding rescue cases from Singapore and to date, we only had one other case from KL back in February 2012.

Ms Doff quickly updated us on the injuries on the civet and how it was found. She said that the baby civet had been lying in the bushes for two days. On the first day, the mother appeared and kept peering into the bushes, but she disappeared on the second day. Ms Doff only discovered it when her cat was looking inquisitively at the bushes. When it was found, it was motionless and looked to be in a bad shape.

IMG 0269

IMG 0270

For it to recuperate, it was given apple slices, water and housed in a pet carrier which was dark and quiet. Fortunately, its injuries gradually improved and it slowly regained movement in its limbs, but has yet to regain full body movement. Luckily for the civet, Ms Doff was persistent in ensuring that the civet received the best care. It is now in good hands, as we eventually found a reliable caretaker who took it to a vet and would keep us updated on its condition.

We are grateful that Ms Doff took time and effort to care for this civet, she even found us on the website to ask for advice. Thank you very much for making a difference to this civet and for sharing the photos!

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