Dempsey baby civets rescue

We received word on 30th Aug 2012, Thursday evening about baby civets found near Dempsey Hill. This was different from the usual rescue cases at the eastern part of Singapore, eg. Siglap. The young civets were found behind the rubbish bin and they were calling loudly. Both soon fell asleep as civets are nocturnal creatures and only wake at dusk.

IMG 9557

The family managed to get help from ACRES on how to care and help rehabilitate the civets.  They provided shelter for the civets and some food so that the civets do not go hungry.

IMG 9563 2

The following evening, the young civets were left at the spot where they were discovered in the hope that the mummy civet would come to take them back. Unfortunately, the mother did not return. The next morning, ACRES was contacted and they took the two young civets to the Wildlife Reserves Singapore to be cared of and once they are large and healthy enough, they will be released back to the wild!

All photos were contributed by the Jones family, thank you very much for making a difference and caring for these two babies!

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