Brunei civet – a month after

A month has passed ever since we received news about the young Brunei small-toothed palm civet (Arctogalidia trivirgata) that was sold in the market, which was fortunately rescued. Thankfully, the caretaker, Shinny has continued to keep in contact with us and reported that the civet is doing great and has eased off the meat diet for now. Currently, it is more interested in having yummy longans for its meals.

"Big grins!" The small-toothed palm civet looking good after a month of being rescued (Photo by Shinny Chia)

According to her caretaker, this civet is a girl! Being a civet, she is awake at night and rests in the day. She has a friendly disposition towards her caretakers and is always game for playtime! A plan for a larger outdoor enclosure is in the works and soon, she will be able to roam and experience the outdoors like how a wild civet should!

Once again, thank you very much Shinny for updating us on the progress and growth of this precious girl! We hope that one day she will grow up and return back to the forest to join the other free roaming civets of Brunei!

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