Rescued Brunei civet!

We received an email on the 24th May from Shinny Chia who informed us that there was a young civet being sold in a Brunei market. It was housed in a small cage with no food or water and there was a kid who was kicking the cage non-stop. Luckily for the civet, it was rescued and taken in by Shinny. With lots of fruits, water and care for the animal, it is definitely looking much better! This civet is a small-toothed palm civet (Arctogalidia trivirgata), another civet species which we have in Singapore, but rarely seen!

The young civet lounging in its new home.

Check out its cool interior design of leaves! It has to be fostered for a few more months before it is suitable for rehabilitation. There are plans to move the civet to a larger cage out in the garden where it will have access to more branches, it can then practise its climbing skills before heading back to the wild.

Thank you for informing us about the rescue, Shinny and for generously sharing your photos with us! If you found a wild animal that you suspect might be a civet, do drop us an email –! If you spot any wild animals being traded in your local markets, please check with your local wildlife agencies.

Hope you have a bright future ahead of you, little small-toothed palm civet!

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