Two young civets’ little adventure down the roof pillar!

Today, I woke up with a SMS from Vilma D’ Rozario who had word of two young civets that needed some rescuing in Siglap area! Typically, when we hear of young civets found in someone’s residence, we usually advise them to leave the young ones at the place where they found them that very night and avoid handling them unnecessarily. The mummy civet might sometimes hear them and come to retrieve her young. This will be the best outcome for any wild civet, to be able to grow up and learn from a parent civet!

Unfortunately, the two young civets missed this window of opportunity and had to be brought to Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Night Safari to be cared for. Luckily, Vilma’s friend, KC, offered to help to rescue the two civets! We found out through KC and photos from Lena Chow how the civets came to be found in the residence.

The hole in roof awning that the young civets fell from!

Being agile creatures, the young civets used the pillar & slid down to safety!

The civets managed to slide down unscathed into the garden area! Then guess where they landed up!

Temporary housing for the two civets before help comes!

One of the two civets that was housed in the trap. Look at those big round eyes!

Luckily, the second civet had a darker shelter. Look at that long tail and small padded paws!

Thanks to KC (in photo) & Lena for helping to transport the two young civets to Night Safari

After a quick 20 minutes, they arrived to the Night Safari where they were handed over!

A handshake once the two young civets were passed over to Night Safari staff

 At least that was a happy ending to another civet rescue! We are really glad that the civets survived their fall and they will receive good care in the meantime. Once they are old enough, they will be released back into other forested patches in Singapore, and thankfully, they will have the company of each other!

If you have civets living in your roof or you have seen this animal before, please let us know by contacting us through

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