Civet sighted near Rifle Range Road!

We were alerted to a civet sighting near Rifle Range Road by Kenneth Goh, who was kindly redirected by Ria Tan (author of the wonderful WildSingapore website).

Juvenile civet holding a fruit in both paws (Photo by Kenneth Goh, Mar 2012)

Ken mentioned that this is not the only juvenile that he has seen around his place. There are two other larger adults and 2 – 3 juveniles, with sightings mostly of the younger ones. Luckily, for these civets, there are lots of yummy fruit trees in the vicinity, such as mango, chiku and custard apples which they can feed on. We hope that this group of civets will survive and co-exist with the humans in the estates adjacent to Rifle Range Road.

If you have any sightings of civets, please help submit a mammal record. Also, do send us any photos that you have of the civets and we can feature them on this blog to help raise public awareness of the urban civets in Singapore.

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