Baby civets found in Bali home garden

On the 27th Jan 2012, we received a comment from Marilyn who stays in Bali, Indonesia, who mentioned that she found two very young baby civets in her garden, maybe even newly born as one still had remains of its umbilical cord! They were described to be greyish brown with beginning of spots or stripes on the back, their tail were as long as the body and had sharp faces.

Two newly born civets found in a home garden in Bali. (Photo by Marilyn)

Look at how tiny the baby is! (Photo by Marilyn)

She wanted to know what should be done to help them as mummy civet was nowhere in sight, so we provided her with some guidelines to try to rehabilitate the baby civets. We always recommend placing the baby civets in the location where it was first found for one/two nights so that mummy civet can retrieve them. Unfortunately, the mummy civet did not show up and so now the two young civets have to be cared for by Marilyn. Thankfully, they are now approaching one week old and doing great! In a few days’ time, their eyes will open for the first time!

Photo of the two babies at 5 days old. They look like they have grown bigger by a little and looking good! (Photo by Marilyn)

We will be updating you on the growth of these two baby civets. Special thanks to Marilyn for all the photos and for your efforts in fostering these two baby civets!

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