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The SGBCC has broad multidisciplinary data for researchers. A structured questionnaire was used to collect information across multiple institutes, including: social demographics, personal lifestyle and medical history; risk factors such as gynaecological illnesses, family history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer, menstruation and pregnancy, use of conception treatment and hormone replacement therapy; and participation and attitudes towards mammographic screening program.

Clinical data such as tumour characteristics, biomarkers status, and treatment modalities are extracted from hospital electronic medical records two years after patients’ entry to the study to allow the maturation of treatment modalities.

In order to reduce the potential of lost to follow-up, SGBCC participants are followed-up passively. Disease outcomes such as recurrence, disease progression, and occurrence of other primary cancers were obtained through linkage with hospital database. Vital status and causes of death was obtained via linkage with the Registry of Births and Deaths in accordance to the audit cycle at each hospital.

Additional variables such as adverse drug effect for chemotherapy and endocrine therapy are collected for a subset of participants with bio-specimens.

An overview of the information collected from the questionnaires and medical records, and the corresponding coding guides are available at the following links.

Data Dictionary Plasma Serum Red Blood Cell DNA Buffy Coat/ Saliva Clot
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