*NEW* Minor in Asian Studies (Commencing Semester 1, AY 2020/2021)

The Minor in Asian Studies will be of interest to students across all faculties who seek to develop a critical awareness of Asia in terms of it socio-economic, political, language and cultural features and trajectories. The programme utilises an array of multidisciplinary perspectives and intellectual traditions to bring a multifaceted, inter-Asia approach to the dynamics of Asia providing students the opportunity to take courses on a variety of topics concerning Asia based in the humanities, languages, and social sciences.

This Minor will feature strong coverage to the growing connections among Asian nations, examine Asian societies’ vital institutions, and the major problems and challenges that confront them amidst unprecedented social, political, economic change with technological advancement and globalization. Through such training, students will develop a critical awareness of Asian society and culture, business histories and practices, and the historical, contemporary and the future political and economic dynamics of the vibrant region. Appreciating the value of language for students who intend to work in Asia, the Minor will also count one Asian Language module offered at the Centre for Language Studies (CLS).

For more information, check out our Minor in Asian Studies page.