Write with Us!

If you are a graduate student/non graduate student at National University of Singapore – NUS, and have an interest in writing about any topic that will change our society or having innovative ideas, we invite you to join us! Writing about your work and interests is an excellent way to engage with NUS community, improve your communication skills, and practice a fresh way of thinking about your work.

We are looking for scientists and writers from a broad range of fields representative of the diversity of interests at National University of Singapore – NUS.

There are several ways you can contribute, and you can decide which role(s) best suit your availability.

Guest contributor:

Write at any time on any topic of your choosing.
No ongoing commitment necessary

Regular contributor:

Commit to writing 3 to 4 blog posts each year
Have a voice to change the society odds

For more information about any or all of these roles, shoot an email. We welcome any comments and questions you have about this blog and would love to hear that you’re interested in contributing, even if you’re unable to join immediately.

Further, we have recently experienced cases of NUS students submitting articles that contain spam or subtle attempts at advertising. If you come across such content, we are deeply sorry and we request that you report it immediately so that we can promptly edit or remove articles as necessary.

We know you have something to say, and we’d love to help you share it with the public!

Thank you.